AI: Our Ethical Approach

Embracing Local Expertise and AI Innovation

At, we cherish the distinct character and stories each European region and city holds. We envision a platform where local insights come directly from the trusted voices of those who call these places home—those who work there, live there, and are passionate about sharing the unique value of their region.

To this end, we're on a quest to collaborate with local authorities and experts. Our goal is to forge partnerships that not only celebrate local knowledge but also bring mutual benefits and opportunities for growth. We invite interested parties to join us on this journey to bring authentic local narratives to the forefront.

In the interim, as we cultivate these partnerships, we've turned to the next best alternative—advanced AI technology. By deploying carefully designed AI prompts, we aim to provide you with information that is as objective and unbiased as our technology allows. While AI helps bridge the gap, it doesn't replace the nuanced understanding of a local expert.

We've made a commitment to transparency in this approach. All AI-generated content on our platform is clearly marked with an AI icon for easy identification. This symbol serves as a testament to our dedication to clarity and trust in the content we present to you.

As we navigate the intersection of technology and human expertise, we remain steadfast in our mission: to connect you with the genuine essence of every destination. Should you have any inquiries or wish to contribute your local knowledge, we're here to engage and explore the potential of a rewarding partnership.